Solar PV

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power utilizes the power of the sun to produce electricity to provide your home with a cost effective, yet environmentally safe and friendly system to work in conjunction with your existing electrical utility provider. Once added into your existing electrical wiring, the electricity produced is exactly the same as that coming from your power company for running appliances, powering lights, operating computers and any home entertainment products such as televisions and stereos.

By adding a solar electric system, you will reduce the usage of electric power from your utility company, resulting in savings on your monthly bill. Depending on the rate structure of your utility company, and size of the system, this reduction could vary from 10% to 90% or more, while making an important contribution to our environment.

Now Certified Sales and Installation Partner with: SUNRUN Solar


Air Conditioning

When it comes to delivering professional yet affordable air conditioning service, Barnett's Energy Wise is the leader of the pack. Offering well over 50 years of experience installing, repairing and servicing air conditioning units.

We offer a variety of options including: Spit Systems With Gas Fired Furnaces, Split System Heat Pumps, Package Systems And Mini Split Systems

Barnett's Energy Wise has delivered exceptional service and customer satisfaction; at prices they can afford. And when it comes to air conditioning service, there are many ways we deliver this exceptional service level for any service job we undertake.  Call Now For A Free Estimate! 

Our Company Provides Several Air Conditioning Services:

Duct Work Service and Repair

Thermostat Replacement

Air Conditioning and HVAC Service

Energy Star® Rated Equipment Repair 

Energy Star® Rated Equipment Installation

Coil Cleaning, Condensate Repairs, Air Purification filter replacement

And much more…..


Barnett's Energy Wise has a fleet of certified HVAC specialists that understand the urgency of your warmth and comfort. The best way to address your questions, is to talk to us directly.

Regardless of the way your home is heated, Barnett's Energy Wise can help you service, maintain and upgrade your existing equipment. On all inspections and services, we make a point to check your furnace for any safety issues. Our goal is to make sure you are informed of your heating options and potential hazards on every visit. Again, your safety and comfort are our business.
Barnett's Energy Wise is a full service contractor, and handles matters related to all heating equipment. Please contact us to learn about rebates, incentives and seasonal maintenance: (209) 523-WISE


We are a family owned and operated company specializing in sales
and installation of new replacement windows and doors. Based in Riverbank and serving the Valley. Our
knowledgeable sales associates will provide you with every detail available and give you honest answers to all of your
questions. There's a lot to know about windows, and we are here to help.

We provide free in home consultations and in some cases, we can provide you an estimate right over the phone.
Our trained employee's can install your new windows or doors in as little as one day.

Improve the appearance and efficiency of your home with quality replacement windows and doors from Barnett's Energy Wise.
Give us a call and let us show you why Barnett's Energy Wise is the right company to choose.

Barnett's Energy Wise Home Services

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